Oerlikon opens $55 million additive manufacturing facility in North Carolina Swiss-listed technology group Oerlikon, has established a $55 million Innovation Hub & Advanced Component Production facility in Huntersville, North Carolina. This 125,000 square foot facility, will function as a cornerstone of Oerlikon’s additive manufacturing business in the US. Dr. Michael Süss, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Oerlikon Group, said: “Additive manufacturing will play a decisive […] https://buff.ly/2WfXwDC

3Doodler Partners with Office Depot for Launch of Juku 3D Printing Pen and STEAM Activity Kits In February, New York-based technology company 3Doodler introduced a mobile app and several new activity kits for its extremely popular 3D printing pens. This week, the Kickstarter darling company… View the entire article via our website. https://buff.ly/2HIpwXv

NASA MSFC Materials & Process Development Offers Plan for New 3D Printing Materials & Hardware to Sustain Astronauts During Missions Not surprisingly, NASA is working on new developments for space travel—partnering with Auburn University to create new sensing technology, materials for 3D printing in space, as well as new… View the entire article via our website. https://buff.ly/2HLv9V7

3D Printed Scaffolds Evaluated for Mandibular Reconstruction In ‘Digital Design, Analysis and 3D Printing of Prosthesis Scaffolds for Mandibular Reconstruction,’ we learn more about strides in the medical field regarding mandibular surgeries, reconstruction,… View the entire article via our website. https://buff.ly/2JO279A

The Best Screen Protectors for iPads Denys Prykhodov/Shutterstock Want to protect your iPad and even make it more pleasant to draw on? We’ve rounded up the best screen protectors for everyone, including artists, to help keep your favorite tablet safe and sound. Depending on how you use your iPad, there are a few different things you should look for when choosing which screen protector to buy. Big doodlers or note-takers might want one that feels like paper, whereas parents looking to protect their iPads from an overzealous toddler armed with some Hot Wheels will want a different type of protector altogether. There are so many screen protectors available that it can be challenging to know where to start. The market is a sea of sameness, but some still manage to stand out. Here, we’ll run through our top picks, arranged by type and need. Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector: amFilm Glass Screen Protector (From $10) amFilm Screen protectors can be costly, but it’s possible to get a quality product without spending big. The amFilm Glass Screen Protector is one such example of that. It ships with two protectors in the box, which can be of real benefit if you are concerned about getting the application right the first time. It also gives you a backup when the original is damaged. The amFilm screen protectors are very popular and with good reason. At less than $10 for two and 99.99% clarity, it’s difficult to knock. It’s super thin at just 0.33mm thick as well, ensuring reliable protection without removing you from your apps and content. Ultimately, this is the best iPad screen protector for most people, and if you have two iPads to protect, it’s even more of a bargain. We like tempered glass screen protectors because they retain the firm smooth feel of the iPad beneath, but if you’d prefer something made of film, read on. The button below will take you to the screen protector for 9.7-inch iPads, but you can also get the same protector for the iPad Pro in both 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, as well as the iPad mini. Buy on Amazon Best Film Screen Protector: amFilm Flex Film (From $7) amFilm Not everyone wants to affix a sheet of glass to the front of their iPad. It can add weight—although not a lot—and some might be concerned about them breaking. We’ve never seen a tempered glass screen protector shatter to bits (without taking the rest of the iPad with it, that is) but if that’s a concern for you, the amFilm Flex Film is the way to go. You may notice this is amFilm’s second appearance in our list, and it’s with good reason—their film screen protectors are just as great a value as their glass ones. The flexible film works perfectly with the Apple Pencil, and with great clarity and high-quality materials, it’s easy to recommend amFilm once again. Read the remaining 9 paragraphs https://buff.ly/2HKbPHU

4 Awesome Pocket Notebooks for On-the-Go Notes ZikG/Shutterstock Do you get great ideas, only for your sieve-like brain to leak them to the ether minutes later? It’s no way to live. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best pocket notebooks to help your ideas cheat temporality. In this list, you’ll find four of the best bets out there, with each fulfilling a different set of criteria. They range from no-frills utilitarian pads that come in multi-packs, to artisanal pieces of animal skin so luxurious, they’ll make even your worst ideas seem profound. The one thing they will all do? Make your ideas timeless and fore in your mind by being tangible things in your pockets. In many years—when you are gone, the iCloud has fallen, and your device has long since been re-sold to an emerging market—what will you have left behind for others to find? Perhaps a pocket notebook filled with ancient dreams, or a grocery list. It’s all valuable data to archaeologists. Play your part in history with one of these great pocket notebooks. Moleskine ($13) Moleskine MoleskineChances are, you already know this one. Hell, they even sell them at coffee shops at marked-up price points. But there’s a reason they’re so ubiquitous: they really are good. Moleskines come in several options: this pocket Moleskine sports the color of darkness—black—implying the promise of an infinite vacuum of space, just begging to be filled with the entropy of your ideas. But it also comes in khaki beige, orchid purple, or underwater blue. This version also features dotted leaves on the inside, which provide some guidelines for writing in a non-diagonal fashion, or reference points for drawing, or for doodling fake constellations that you name after your dog. But, if you hate dots, then there are versions with conventional lines. This pocket-sized notebook is 3.5″ by 5.5″, so you would have to be very small indeed for it to not fit on your person somewhere. The price tag will net you a single notebook, though it comes with 192 pages (96 leaves). And, of course, all Moleskine notebooks are made out of 100 percent, genuine mole skines (i.e., vegan-approved cardboard and oilcloth). These—and the other pocket notebooks presented here—feature a soft cover, which is more accommodating against our soft, human bodies. Buy on Amazon Field Notes ($10) Field Notes If you’re a counterculture type who doesn’t want to use a Moleskine because other people use a Moleskine, that’s fine. Field Notes provides a different aesthetic. Read the remaining 14 paragraphs https://buff.ly/2YQWuLh

Things You Should Take Care of Before Leaving on Vacation Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock Going on vacation is super fun, but it can also be super stressful—especially if you’re traveling with your family. Here are some of the essential things to take care of before you head out. Check Passport Expiries, Visa Requirements, and Travel Insurance A friend of mine, let’s call her Skye, was flying from the US to Australia, via Europe. Since she’d never been, she thought it might be a good idea to stop off in India. On arriving at immigration in Mumbai, she was politely informed that no, her American passport didn’t grant her access to India, she needed a visa—which she had to get before she left. It took no small measure of begging, but eventually, she was deported and put on a flight bound for Sydney, rather than returned to London which is strictly what should have happened. Travel, especially international travel, is bound by lots of rules and regulations. Run afoul of them and your vacation can be ruined. The most important ones are around your passport and any visas you need. A few weeks before you leave, make sure you (and everyone you’re traveling with) have a valid passport. Check the expiry date requirements too: some countries, including the US, require passports to be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of your arrival. Just because it’s still technically in date, doesn’t mean you’ll get in. RELATED: A Short Guide to Visas Also, check if you need a visa and, if so, what kind you need. Some countries offer E-Visas or visa waivers that take a few moments to fill in online, while others require you to send your passport off to an embassy or consulate. A site like Do You Need Visa is a great place to start, though you’ll want to double check any information with the official site of the country you’re visiting. It can change with zero notice. If this is your first time thinking about visas, check out our short guide to visas to familiar yourself. At the same time, check what sort of travel coverage your health insurance gives you. Some plans offer emergency care when you’re abroad. If you’re not covered by your health insurance or want some extra protection for flight delays and your baggage getting lost, think about travel insurance. You might need to buy your own plan, or you could be covered by one of your credit cards. Just make sure your trip meets all the requirements for coverage. Secure Your Home The last thing you want after a relaxing week on the beach is to come home and find your house burgled so before you go, you should take steps to secure your home. Read the remaining 18 paragraphs https://buff.ly/2I3A6aK

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