Telluride, CO

Bio: 3d-Printing Specialist and Founder of theMAKERSMOVEMENT. -- http://themakersmovement.tumblr.com -- http://instagram.com/themakersmovement When I first decided architecture was the career path I was going to strive for, my reasons were much different than they are now. I longed for the ability to leave something on the earth that would still be here one hundred years from now. Since I was younger I had continuously reassured myself of my subliminal passion for designing and building. My favorite toys consisted of Lincoln Logs and Legos when I was very young, up to erector sets and much more complex toys when I was a little bit older. During my adolescent years I began spending hours on the computer with different design programs like The Sims and Home Designer 6.0. Then I discovered AutoCAD and Rhinoceros 3D NURBS modeling. My friends became uninterested with these programs after short period of time, but I carried on, obsessed with the ability to create space at my fingertips. They say were in a modern era now, and everything is done on or by computers-- Luckily for the architectural horizon my passions involve using computers heavily, so I should fit right in. When I entered the University of Florida, and began my architectural training, my views of what a good architect should be changed drastically. Do I really want to strive for this idea of making my mark on the world last as long as possible? Do I want to follow this misconception that if my building stands the test of time my architecture will be the best? Or is it really about making things last, but not at the cost of the environment. I have made my decision, and considered it my life long goal to create beautiful spaces as an architect, but retain the responsible attitude that I will not jeopardize the environment while attaining this goal. There is a whole new spectrum of inventions waiting to be discovered in this new age of sustainability, and a plethora of innovative minds eager to invent them.

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