High-resolution 3D printed microscope could help detect diseases in developing countries A research article published in The Optical Society (OSA) journal Optics Letters describes how researchers have produced a 3D printed high-resolution digital holographic microscopy (DHM) microscope. The researchers focused on creating a small but powerful and cost-effective microscope that would be robust enough to be used by professional biological researchers in the field without access […] https://buff.ly/2IQxMqi

How to Share a Static Snapshot of your Google Calendar We’ve previously covered how to show your live Google Calendar in Outlook, but what if you just want to share a static snapshot of your calendar with someone? There’s a way to do that too. Sharing a static snapshot can be useful if you want to share your Google Calendar with a colleague—or with your own work calendar so you can see it—but your company policies don’t allow you to synchronize with a live, non-corporate calendar. It’s also useful if you’re going to be somewhere with intermittent Wi-Fi for a while and you want to see your calendar even when you’re offline. To share a static snapshot, you need to export your calendar and import it into another calendar program. How to Export a Google Calendar Exporting a Google Calendar is pretty simple, so start by logging into to your Google account and heading to Calendar. Once you’re there, find the calendar you want to share and hover over it to show the three dots. Click the three dots and on the menu that appears, click “Settings and sharing.” Near the top of the settings, find the “Export calendar” button and click it. Read the remaining 18 paragraphs https://buff.ly/2Wj0IKI

How to Use the FTP Command on Linux The File Transfer Protocol is older than most of our readers, but it’s still going strong. FTP doesn’t have the security of a modern protocol, but you may need to use it anyway. Here’s how to do it. Warning: Don’t Use FTP Over the Internet Let’s make this clear right from the outset: The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) dates back to the early 1970s and was written without any regard to security. It does not use encryption for anything. Login credentials like your username and password, as well as the data you download or upload, are transferred in clear text. Anyone along the way can view your secrets. However, FTP still has its uses. If you’re transferring files within your network, you should be safe–as long as no one on the network is packet-sniffing and eavesdropping on any sensitive documents as you transfer them. If your files aren’t confidential or sensitive in any way, moving them around your internal network with FTP should be fine. Linux has the standard ftp command line program to deal with precisely that scenario. But definitely don’t use the ftp command to access external resources across the internet. For that, use the sftp command line program, which uses the secure SSH File Transfer Protocol. We’ll introduce both of these programs in this tutorial. To clarify just why you never want to use FTP over the Internet, take a look at the below screenshot. It shows the FTP password in plaintext. Anyone on your network or between you and the FTP server on the Internet can easily see the password is “MySecretPassword.” Without the encryption, a malicious actor could modify files you’re downloading or uploading in transit, too. The ftp Command Assuming you have a valid account on an FTP site, you can connect to it with the following command. Throughout this article, substitute the IP address in the commands with the IP address of the FTP server you’re connecting to. ftp Read the remaining 46 paragraphs https://buff.ly/2Vt0VxV

The $70 billion quest for a good night’s sleep Rest has become the ultimate luxury. I’m pinned down to my bed, like a fish caught in a net. I’m trapped under a cozy, chunky knit blanket made by Bearaby, a six-month old startup. The blanket looks light and fluffy, but do not be deceived: It weighs 20 pounds. I have given up trying to wiggle or roll around underneath it, so here I am, just staring blankly at the ceiling. A few minutes later, I’ve dozed off, and I will not wake up for eight and a half hours. Read Full Story https://buff.ly/2WdQxHf

Added Scientific Used Xaar Printhead in Pilot Project for 3D Printing Personalized Pharmaceuticals Cambridge-based company Xaar may have had its start in developing piezoelectric, drop-on-demand industrial printheads, but transitioned to the 3D printing world back in 2014 when it helped develop… View the entire article via our website. https://buff.ly/2J3WBhJ

3D Pod Episode 6 Bioprinting Max and I discuss bioprinting this week. We go into detail about the different things that excite us from in situ, to scaffolds, to skin to cartilage. We talk about the science fiction like frontier… View the entire article via our website. https://buff.ly/2GSjHX4

Geek Trivia: Who Appeared On The Largest Denomination Of U.S. Currency? Who Appeared On The Largest Denomination Of U.S. Currency? John F. Kennedy Herbert Hoover William Howard Taft Woodrow Wilson Think you know the answer? https://buff.ly/2WicvJe

3Diligent manufacturing network expands across 6 continents 3Diligent, a Californian digital manufacturing service provider, has announced the qualification of 250 facilities across six continents. “The promise and power of digital manufacturing – especially 3D printing – lies in its ability to quickly and easily get the same part made in different places using the same 3D design file,” said Cullen Hilkene, CEO […] https://buff.ly/2VtHJA5

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